When God drops a Cheesy Line | A Reblog

I’m away from home for about two months to work in a Call Center Company for the whole summer, causing me to feel like, somewhat, a grown-up (naks!) and at the same time, a very needy person who longs to know what to do next, how will i overcome this, and this, why is this happening, when will i stop, what to say and many WH-H questions, every single day.

In short, that’s the season when i realized i really really need God. EVERY. STEP. OF. THE. WAY. I mean, i know I need God, however, in those times, I felt like I need Him more, no, most, in every aspect of my life.

So there you go, in those times when i realized I’m a very needy person. I keep myself going to a Nap Room in our office for atleast an hour, not to sleep, but to seek God in prayers, devotions, and reading Christian articles, which lead me to Joena San Diego’s website, containing good writings (oh heavens!) that will really makes you kilig more with God.

Aaand, there’s this blog, When God drops a Cheesy Lines, it says there that when you are in a foreign country, or should i say, unfamiliar place for you, you will hear that still small voice louder, whispering what you’re waiting to hear at the end of a long tiring, or probably a joyful day!

As i read those, i realized that it’s really true! I’ve been to places i’m not familiar with, stay for a little bit long in those places and God never ever fails to whisper what I really need to hear, and to share with you also the messages I heard from God, as Joena did, I asked permission to her to reblog this one. Hihihi.

  1. Tell me of all your flaws & let me love you anyway. It’s when I don’t feel I’m loved and I’m not supposed to be loved because I fail Him often, yet, His grace is so sufficient to love me anyway and regardless.for your selfless service
  2.  Well, you’re not here to simply gain working experience. You are here for the purpose I have for you. There’s a time back then, that I seemed to forgot why am i working there, i just want to go home, like my classmates are doing while vacation. I thought I’m just working and working and working. Then, He made me realized that His purpose for me is to share Him to my co-workers.for your selfless service (1)
  3. Do you think that is something that will change the plans I have for you? No, anak. I am consumed by discouragements I’m getting from people I’m surrounded with that I thought those are the things i’ll be living for for the rest of my life and He just confronted me with a question that is, indeed, kakilig!!for your selfless service (2)
  4. It’s not about you, anak. For if it is about you, the pressure will be on you. It’s about Me & don’t worry, I’ll work before you. When it feels like sharing the gospel to someone is so discouraging because i thought people will just reject me, He reminded me that at the end of the day, it’s not about me naman. It’s all bout His glory.for your selfless service (3)
  5. I understand. If you’re tired, I’ve prepared a fortress for you. I love you. I was crying out in the comfort room telling God i’m tired doing the same thing, and always ends with a shout from the customer on the line. I’m tired and all I have to do that time is just to give up, but God did not encourage me to give up. He cheers me up and reminded me I can find my fortress in His name.for your selfless service (4)
  6. Simply because you are mine. Pressured by the words “maging open minded ka kasi” from my co-workers, I asked God, why it has to be like, people like them chooses to things of this world while I, as His follower, am not expected to do things they are asking me to have an open mind, when in fact, He’s the One who made us. I’m glad God answered with a simple sentence and it explains it all, and it’s not simply because i am His. It’s because His grace allowed me to decide to be His. And i’m beyond grateful of that. 🙂for your selfless service (5)

Upon grace | 01

“Because I am righteous, I will see you. When I awake, I will see you face to face and be satisfied.” Psalm 17:15 (NLT)

Guilt blinds us in seeing God. Or sometimes, guilt consumes that we aren’t able or prepared to see how God works. Guilt hinders us from experiencing true peace, and guilt comes from doing/choosing sin over God’s will.

What I’ve learned in this verse is, let’s take delight in the Lord, choose to live in His purpose in our lives, rely on His word alone, away from choosing anything the Bible calls sin. With that, we will be able to experience a life free from guilt and shame.

How about our nature? We are still humans. We still prone to commit sins in times. What about that? In the verse above, i realized that though it is given that sometimes, we fail to honor God and do sin, what matters is our heart. I mean, is there an occupying part in your heart that desires to turn to God after all? If yes, how was our respond to it? Being sorry is not enough. Of course, repentance includes the feeling of being sorry, but, how you put it into action is also considered. For true repentance comes with a 180 degree turn. In the end, our heart, and the willingness of hearts to turn to God, is what matters.

“In the end, our heart, and the willingness of hearts to turn to God, is what matters.”

Let’s not stop in our condition of being guilty. Let’s free ourselves from it through evaluating first, where is Jesus in this decision i’m about to make? If we find Him and we know our decision will surely bring a smile to His face, why doubt? Of course, it’s a go. But when we fail to do the evaluation, and we’ve already committed the sin, let’s introduce to our hearts how God’s grace saved us (even if it is best described as again and again and again and again, let’s remind ourselves still), and let’s do the respond that will always suits to it — repent and live for Him.

Let this be our prayer,

Heavenly Father, i praise and thank You for who You are. You are a God of second chances, and that’s just one of Your goodness. I hope and pray that Your grace and love will continue to move in my heart to say “no”when i’m hesitating to choose sin or Your will. I pray that it is always You. Teach my heart to do that, Father. If i sometimes fail, remind me of Your open arms behind me and tell me to go back in Your arms again. Let me see Your face when darkness blinds my eyes. Set peace in my heart as i take delight in You, my sweet and worthy to be praised, Father. I’m in faith asking all of these in my Lord and Savior’s name Jesus Christ who reigns forever more. Amen.

Choose to live for Him.


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Alive in Christ

The old is gooone, the new has cooome i’m aliiiive.

It’s Sunday today! Sitting on our sofa while waiting for the clock to strike 9:15am to go to Sunday Service, and suddenly come up to reminiscing what happened to my life since the very hour i have decided to fully leave the old me. Yup, this is a yesterday story.

To share the full story with you, my goal is not to gossip myself, exalt myself or glorify myself BUT, to testify how great is our God, how much He cares for our cries, how He respond to it and how perfect is His timing. So here,

Before i finally had my Victory Weekend last February 3-4, 2017. I’ve been asking God so much to make it happen to my life — Victory Weekend encounter. I remember my first time i desire to go for a retreat like this, but it’s not in Victory Christian Fellowship. Two times of praying for it to happen on that church, i failed to claim it. After that, my old friend in High School, reached out for me, invited me to attend again in their Youth Service every friday in Victory Baliwag. (Not to confuse you with ‘again’, t’was in our 4th year High School when she asked me to go there and responded yes) So yup, i did.

Responding yes again to her, puts a question in my mind as i wait inside the center, “Lord, bakit ang saya ko ditooo??????” and found myself smiling the whole time of waiting. But, it didn’t stop there, i continued attending youth service, prayed for my mom to allow me to go there continually, enter my One2One journey, i started to attend Sunday services (and grateful God talked to my parents to allow me), i’m already with my younger sister in serving the LORD, then one time came.

Wayback April 2016, One lesson in our One2One, my Victory Group leader, Mona (the same old high school friend i’m talking about), told me, my VG mate, Manieca will undergo her Victory Weekend. I don’t know what happened to my heart but it cried for a desire. I know deeply, i want to encounter that such! So, i told my leader about what i feel and she helped me. Later in August 2016, Victory Weekend will be held again in our church and this time, my younger sister desires to have hers also! So we prayed for it, saved money for it, prepared for it buuut what gave my heart an “Ouch!” is i had a high fever for a week that includes the days of the VW. Maybe that’s a hurt feeling for me and for my sister but i know God has to say “Ouch!” first before us. Why? Simply because He delights whenever He sees us in joy of receiving what we prayed for, but also, in those days i doubted why God did not answered us, we tried to understand that God will be delighted more if He will fulfill His plans in His perfect time. And so He did!

To cut it short, we’re not able to have our VW on that month. Buuut, we prayed again for it. We trusted God and trusting Him still. January 2017 arised by His grace and we’re able to join the worldwide Every Nation Churches Prayer and Fasting, which we included our VW as one of our 2017 faith goals. We are in faith for it!!!! Our VG leaders our excited for it! My friends are excited for it! My ministry mates out excited for it! But after all, i know God is the most excited for us to experience it!!!


Week before the said GRAAABEEEHHNG event, we asked our family to allow us to go there. They agreed!! But the fact, enemy will try to shake your faith when enemy knew you’re grateful to God, so it happened. Night before the VW. We’re in our bloated eyes that night, i started questioning God that time but since i promised Him to still have time to worship Him regardless of the hardships i’m facing, i have to. Amidst my cries, sorrow, questions and fear, God gave me the grace to worship Him still. I sent messages to my closest friends and my spiritual family to pray for us, to still be able to attend VW. Beyond grateful is what i feel as i read prayers, declarations and encouragement from the people that surround me despite of the situation i’m in. Last minutes before the event, my sister and I prayed to God and have a praise and worship time at home. We decided to just put our trust to God because He will not fail us. We know. And what’s great, in those last minutes, God answered! Lack of words, unable to explain things, but one thing is clear!!!! HE IS FAITHFUL TO HIS PROMISES. No power can ever stand against our God. He is the mightiest!

As we go to center, i’m aware my heart’s rejoicing! When my VG mates saw me going inside the center, they stopped me, they jumped with me, they rejoice with me, they told me the prayer rally they did when they heard the news hahahahahahaha. Totally, i’ve proven and tested God’s greatness in my life. From my first days of knowing Him journey up to now. I know He is getting more great! (The only reason why i’m crying even the lined up song is a fast song hahahaha)

As the Victory Weekend runs, i can’t help but ask God again “totoo na ba to? Or panaginip?” while i’m seriously blinking my eyes. Before i have this encounter, it already installed in my mind and heart that God loves me! What’s amazing is, what i know about God’s love and grace is just a bit of all the more!!! Every second of the sessions, i can’t thank God enough for really bringing me to an experience that will make me commit my full self to Him, that will make me love Him even more, that will make me praise Him more all the daaays of my life! I can now finally say, no matter how big is my sins before, no matter how undeserved i am, there’s this one true God, His name is Jesus, that voluntarily washed my iniquities and sins the moment i accepted Him as my Lord and Savior. The old me has gone and already dead to sin, i am now alive in Christ Jesus! By grace, through faith!


BEKS! | 01


I miss you.

while the “you” composed of the days we talk about our faith in God.

while the “you” makes me remember those times we hide in canteen to eat something we don’t want to share. Haha.

while the “you” flashes back hours we’re sitting on a bench on a nearby park in our school taking selfies. On a Thursday sunset time after our Math class.

while the “you” doesn’t speak more “Pareho nga kami palagi e” than “Pareho tayo!!!”

while the “you” includes the one i texted when i need help for assignments during rush times

while the “you” is never a meaning of drifting. ( I wish it won’t )

while the “you” is my best friend.

I miss you.